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elevatorbonding's Journal

shark survival challenge
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3:45:25 AM jakexualhealing: LMAO
3:45:31 AM jakexualhealing: LMFAO IL OVEY OU
3:45:39 AM dem fatale: omg you're so high be like this all the time
3:46:04 AM jakexualhealing: yo're m ybest frined, disney
4am, amanda seyfried, arizona the state, asexual dinosaurs, bears, burrito txts, callie, callisto, catnip, cholawan, crossing borders, demi being an alien, elevator bonding, fire wood, grey's anatomy, himym, hitting home run conversations, home schooling, hoot, http://i48.tinypic.com/250qv74.jpg, intense iphone punctuation, invisible ninja, jake being an idiot, jake/ned, legen (wait-for-it) dary, lyncher/fool/cult win, neurosis, not being best friends, not beliebers, not vambeibers, peach fuzz/disney, running away, sharks, tacos, team colorado, that's what you look like??????????????????, the game of life, the mcdoctors, turtles, twitter @replies, xena/gabrielle, youtubes